What Can Millennials Bring to the Table

We live in a time when millennials – as the people reaching adulthood around the turn of the 21st century are called – are becoming the predominant group of employees in most companies, small or large. This brings the question of how the old, established companies adapt to the change in views or work ethic of the younger people working for them, and vice versa. Is there a conflict of generations? A clash of work-related cultures? Or maybe the two sides are working together just fine?
In a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, Wes Gay looks past these obvious questions and instead tries to give a few pieces of advice on how millennials can integrate in the largest of companies. For this purpose, he uses the example of Matt Panzica, the youngest employee to reach a leadership position at one of the top accounting firms in the world. At just 32, Panzica can already identify the elements that combine for a successful career: choosing the right company, working hard, having good mentoring and building your own career path.

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