From the First Lady of the USA, to a small start-up, everyone has a story to tell. Image source: short URL

How to Sell Your Story in Marketing

Nowadays, we can sell almost anything, anywhere in the world. But have you ever thought about selling your story?

Customers want to know they are making the right decision with each purchase. Usually people make decision based on feelings and instincts that you can’t address with a bullet point or sales brochures.
For marketers, storytelling is the process of making a connection with the customers first, and selling a product second.
Do you know what gives a story its power? The answer to this question are 3 keywords: character, conflict and theme. Customers are not just spectators for your stories; you should make them play a central role in them. Then, decide what role your brand plays in your story? Is it the hero or does it take a secondary position?

You form stories by introducing the conflict, showing the adoption of your product or service and then the benefits gained by doing so.
The theme of your story is the underlying message. For marketers, themes matter in campaigns because it speaks to your brand’s values. You might identify your campaign themes by looking at: your brand, your slogan, your campaign tagline or product benefits.
Don’t forget, there is a story behind everything. Some of them are true and some of them are fiction, but all of them should be good stories.

Watch the videos below for some practical tips and tricks on storytelling.