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The Connection Between Spring and Advertising

Spring is in the air! And with it comes a whole host of exciting spring marketing ideas that your business can capitalize on. Seasonal adverts are powerful things, for they are often times connected with highly visible symbols. To take the most obvious example, for many people spring is associated with the idea of cleaning. Thus, […]

Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Spirit in Advertising

It’s safe to say that Christmas is the most awaited time of year for everyone, young or old. The holidays push us all to try and become better and to be more affectionate to the people around us. During this season adverts are powerful things: they make us laugh, they make us cry and, sometimes, […]

Women in ads

Women in Ads – The Other Side of the Coin

Nowadays womanliness is an exchange coin. Pictures of women in ads are always meant to promote ideas for advertising companies. They can be portrayed as symbols of goodness; their images as mothers are used for an emotional response; they can sacrifice their humanity to show an artificial idea of beauty or they can present products […]