Why PR is a Great Career Choice

Why PR Is a Great Career Choice

Despite the fact that not so many people understand how Public Relations really work, it might, in fact, be one of the most exciting career choices you could make in today’s urban life. There should be no doubt: this is a challenging job, which requires individuals with lots of ambition, energy and, also, patience. But, if you think of developing a career in this area here are some reasons why PR is a great career choice.

If you don’t like repetitive work, make no mistake, public relations are all about variety. You can start by applying your marketing and communication knowledge at a small PR agency. Then, after developing a good base of practical skills, you can move on to working in-house for a company. Or, there is always the freelancing option, if you prefer to have more freedom on what and how you work.

Due to the fact that social media has, for quite a while, been the integral part of almost every PR strategy and campaign, you might consider investing quite heavily in this particular skill set. However, this requires you to be a great communicator, and also to build and maintain good relationships. Being able to adapt to the specifics of a communication medium – be it the internet and new media, or the traditional phone – is also a big plus.

The conclusion in this case comes in the form of a few questions. Do you tick most of the boxes mentioned above? Do you enjoy working in an environment where ever-changing situations are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush? Are social events the place where you feel most at home? If you’ve got 3 yeses, than PR is the right career for you!

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