Public relations

Public Relations – Do It Yourself or Do It Better?

When it comes to public relations, people often tend to underestimate the difficulty of having a good link with the public and many times choose to go for the DIY approach. As Derek Newton writes in a piece published on 101 Investment, there are cases in which doing it yourself is the only option: you may not have the funds to pay for a professional or your team does not yet have a PR department.

However, there are also the people who feel as though managing your own PR is a piece of cake and not something you should outsource. Newton admits that there is a slight possibility that one might be able to pull this off. Still, more often than not people in this situation will make mistakes which for a professional would seem – at best – common knowledge.

Pestering the media, not doing a good job copy-writing, shoddy research or just a basic lack of media contacts – these are all mistakes that an experienced PR company would never do. For an in-depth analysis of these common errors, take a look at the article below.

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